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"iRacing: Common Sense Anyone???" (Blancpain Sprint Series/Audi R8 LMS at Indianapolis Road Course)

After racing almost exclusively in the IndyCar for the past year, I'm back in GT3. Now I remember why I left in the first place.

Lots of people are faster than me, but it's almost like they forgot their brains somewhere. Case in point:

8:00 - (A) Don't drive back onto racing line, and (B) you don't pit there
12:15 - Well done, divebomber. Although looking back, was more of a racing incident.
14:10 - Technical difficulties, my monitor froze :D
17:10 - I nearly wrecked the guy who divebombed me earlier. Apparently, he wrecked 4 other guys with that maneuver...

Yeah...definitely a welcome back to GT3 race here. Slow and safe! :)

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