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iRacing.com / Nissan GTP ZX Turbo / Daytona Road Course

Jason Palmer
Well after trying and loving the Audi GTO iRacing.com announced last week i just couldn't resist trying out this week surprise release the Nissan GTP ZX Turbo !

So i fired up a test session at the Daytona Road course, which is the track for round one of the newly created Kamel GT Championship for the classic 1989 cars iRacing have just released, and see what this new car is all about.

OMG, as the kids today like to say, this thing is amazing to drive.

I was taken aback by the the turbo lag, as you would get from a race car with such a massive turbo bolted to it, which then would change into snap torque over steer once that turbo kicked in meaning you have to exorcise some real throttle control to keep it facing in the right direction.

The next thing that hits you is the massive braking force this car has meaning you can brake some much later than you would think allowing you to go so much deeper in to the big braking zones.

Combine all that with an insane top speed and you have one hell of a monster to drive let alone race but i love the challenge this car presents and if i can tear myself away from the Audi GTO i will be on the grid in this beast later this week.

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