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Jason Palmer
Here is our latest video showcasing the new up coming series by & Dilligaf Racing.

The MX-5 Global Challenge Series features the 2016 Mazda MX-5 Cup Car which is a free car and comes part of the base iRacing membership package. This little car always produces some classic racing and is not to hard to get to grips with.

This 12 round series will feature both road and oval tracks again many of them free versions contained within the iRacing membership base package so everyone can have a chance at coming along and racing.

This series will feature 60 minute races with 2 rounds being endurance events at 2 hours long.

The cars will have open setups, although many on the grid will happily share their setup if you don't want to build your own, and will be fuel limited so that all races include pit stops.

All you need to do to be part of the fun is to be an iRacing member and to sign up for our league. You can if you wish have your own car number and team name just let one of the team admins have the details.

To find out more about iRacing follow this link -

To check out our league and to sign up check this link out -

And to find out all the details of this new series including dates, schedules and details about signing up a team or car number check out this forum topic -

We will also keeping everyone updated about this new series via our facebook page -

See you on the grid Sunday nights from 4th September 2016
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    Jason Palmer
    Nice one mate look forward to seeing you on the track, behind me of course !
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