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iRacing.com / Audi 90 IMSA GTO / Sebring

Jason Palmer
After seeing the iRacing surprise announcement on Tuesday of the Audi 90 IMSA GTO being immediately available to jump into and race i felt compelled to try this beast out for myself.

Oh boy what a car and what a virtual representation of it !

I wanted to just try it our for a couple of laps to put together a quick video showing this car on track, but it was such a joy on both the ears and sensations i ended up lapping for hours and loving every moment of it.

Even though at the moment its does not have an official series to race in, although this is more than likely to change come iRacings next surprise this coming Tuesday, i have had more than my moneys worth hot lapping away around various tracks already.

Its one hell of a work out when you go full H pattern and find you self trying to change down while fighting the wheel as you try and hold it all together and get some where near the apex !

To find out more about iRacing please follow this link - http://www.iracing.com/

And if you are new member use this code to get this car for free - PR-AUDI90 - when signing up.

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