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"iRacing - Beginners Luck" (USAC Silver Crown at Dover International Speedway)

Not a whole lot of racing the past week, but I ventured into a new oval series, the Silver Crown! It reminds me a bit of a Sprint Car and an IndyCar.

This was the Euro time slot in the series! Go race the Sprint Car as well!

Race times:

Every Friday and Monday (official iRacing races, this isn’t a league)
1900GMT / 2000UK / 2100CET / 3PM EST – Sprint Car
1945GMT / 2045UK / 2145CET / 345PM EST – Silver Crown
2100GMT / 2200UK / 2300CET / 5PM EST – Sprint Car
2145GMT / 2245UK / 2345CET / 545PM EST – Silver Crown (probably not on Mondays)

Not bad for my 2nd race eh?

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