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"iRacing: A Joyous Farewell" (IndyCar Winter Series Round 25: Barber Motorsports Park)

24 rounds down, 1 round to go! The finale at Barber was a fitting end to the celebration of the success of the IndyCar Winter Series.

Barber was a track I wasn't really sure how to lap, much less race, at the beginning of the week. But through some tough grinding in practice sessions with assistance from videos and fellow competitors (thanks Christian!), I think I got the hang of this track. Even made a few passes along the way.

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  1. gamer19
    Nice season finale man! Too bad it wasn't a better spot for you at the end thou...
    I always enjoy your videos, thanks. And you accent, too! :D Southern, I believe. :)
    Btw Barber is so cool track, such an amazing flow. I remember when I first drive this one I thought "oh man I'll never learn this!":D I play it in SCE. And maybe in rF1.
  2. rancer890
    Yeah, maybe I could have gotten a better spot, but it was still fun! I probably should have put less fuel in. Might have made the difference and left the pits early...

    As for my accent, I am Chinese Canadian, so not much Southern in it. I don't think at least. ;)

    Barber really is a good track. I'm glad my 300 laps of practice this week (no joke) paid off. I think having raced Sonoma and Mid-Ohio earlier really helped. Similar tracks.
  3. gamer19
    Oh Canadian, my favourite folks. :D
    Seriously, check out my avatar, the "other guy" is there only cause being them together on photo and smiling... well, it makes this photosomekind of X-case file. ;)
    300? Dear God. Only "300" I have done is when I watch that in theatre. :p :)

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