iRacing 16S1 Aston Martin DBR9 GT1 Onboard at Road Atlanta

James Nance
Onboard lap of Road Atlanta in the Aston Martin DBR9
Personal Best for these track conditions was 1:16.7
  1. Fritz Anker likes this.
  2. Fritz Anker
    Fritz Anker
    Great video. ...wish iRacing would record the track conditions considering they really affect tires and times now.
  3. James Nance
    James Nance
    Yeah I know. I've seen quicker times but of course they were set in cooler conditions and makes this lap look irrelevant. Btw made the video using Adobe Premiere Pro, better quality and render time.
  4. Fritz Anker
    Fritz Anker
    I really liked it. Could really see the car move and give the sense of speed (loved the first shot cresting over the hill). Funny though, my first thought from the on board, was this is how feel I drive - but our times are *way* different. :)
  5. James Nance
    James Nance
    Haha very funny. Sometimes I dont feel fast, but then I finish a lap and see where I end up, I kinda shock myself.

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