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Immersive Wheel inside DiRT Rally (Not triple scree shot, actual real wheel inside the game!) - Subaru Impreza Group A Top 20 Wales

Allan Chen
Wow! 100 subscribers! For me its a big deal, thank you all for subscribing, more to come in this year!
This run was actually Top 20 fastest time! Subaru Impreza 1995, Wales Rally Stage Dyffryn Afon 3:07.992
I am learning more and more in every video I make, if you have any requests and suggestions please comments below!

Game/Sim: Dirt Rally

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This time I focused on quality, video max resolution is 1440p 60fps! Very long time to edit and render in my relative old PC, using external camera shot with a battery that isn't capable of recording full quality 1080p 60fps video for more than 30 minutes, that is why future videos in full 60fps are going to be shorter until I upgrade my PC and camera. As a prove that I need to make shorter videos, I missed the stages 3 and 4 because of the battery running out... And because of that these videos are made in one take.
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