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I kinda like this... A LOT!

Martin Vindis
Just had an amazing race earlier today, glad I was recording.
  1. Paul Jeffrey
    Paul Jeffrey
    Hi Martin,
    Great race! Just to clarify, which mod is this please?
  2. roby13
    I think its a leaked version from upcomming patriot's mod. If its the case please support patriot and not the idiots who appropriated it
  3. Paul Jeffrey
    Paul Jeffrey
    Cool thank you for the details. I await the patriot mod with great anticipation! BTW do they have a website or omewhere I can 'keep an eye out' ?
  4. roby13
    European endurance center facebook or gtr2endurance forum (needs registering)
  5. Paul Jeffrey
    Paul Jeffrey
    Excellent, thank you. And again, nice video :)
  6. Will Mazeo
    Will Mazeo
    Hey @Paul Jeffrey unfortunately Daniel pretty much gave up after what happened. So he made the mod public (it's in the EEC forum) but it's not finished. No support will be given either and no extra models will come (11 more GT3 cars were planned and 230+ skins were ready for release). Now he plans to make mods only for our leagues.
    Maybe someday he'll change his mind. But who knows... these OVG guys really messed it and try to find every possible way to justify what they did...
  7. Will Mazeo
    Will Mazeo
    Daniel even tried to negotiate with them to keep a release, but bad character have no limits, they just lied so it all was canceled.
    Feel free to download the mod in our forum and put some work on it if you have time.
  8. Paul Jeffrey
    Paul Jeffrey
    Hi @Will Mazeo - read up on the little bits f info available on the FB page.. disgusting what happened, I feel so bad for him that this came about like it did :( Feel even worse for the community that this potentially great mod has now been spoilt by some ar**holes ruining it for everyone..
  9. Paul Jeffrey
    Paul Jeffrey
    .I intend, as a protest, to not download until the original author has been apologized to and all the bad blood has been resolved. Just sorry to hear all the hard work has been for nothing (at this stage). Really shame.
  10. Will Mazeo
    Will Mazeo
    Dont expect those guys to be sorry. They keep saying what they did was right, they keep refusing to understand why the EEC forum was mad (they say it's cuz they modified our job.. it has nothing to do with it as theyd be free to do after the release). They even managed to change the physics because they didnt understand how ours worked and then say a lot of bad things about it.
  11. Will Mazeo
    Will Mazeo
    People like that group wont be sorry.
    Download the mod and have fun. There are some bugs (like a jumping Porsche that didn't appear in previous tests) but should be good to go. Just as I said, there will be no support or works to complete it from EEC side.
  12. Paul Jeffrey
    Paul Jeffrey
    Well if its deffo dead in the water then i suppose no point in not having a go.. like i say, its a shame this has happened..
  13. James Wilson
    James Wilson
    Guys, its not the leaked EEC, its the ADAC GT Masters 2011 mod :) Me and Martin have mess around races all the time with the ai
  14. Will Mazeo
    Will Mazeo
    Thanks for the info James :)

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