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"How to" add mods - Game Stockcar Extreme

This is a quick & simple video on how to add mods to GSCe,
if I can do it anybody can.
You can add cars or tracks using this method. I've added links to mods & 7-zip.
Just pause the video at various stages if it seems to fast :)
Any questions just let me know.....

Mod links -



Free 7-zip
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  2. Paul Bennett
    Paul Bennett
    Good video Paul, I think RD should have a full forum section for this sort of stuff help guides ect
    We're always getting newbies on the site that need some help to get them up and running. Was suggested to Bram some time back but have n't seen anything yet
  3. PaulH
    I agree Paul, adding mods is much easier than it sounds and it adds greatly to the various sims, Like your idea of a forum section....
  4. Lazarou
    I thought i'd join the Paul's. I did some guides for making making mods and Patrick has started a guide thread for GSC. But they all get lost in the threads, then new people ask the same questions over and over, which is not their fault but a guide section would really help . We need a knowledge base sub forum for each game, purely as a reference for people new to the scene.

    Good video by the way.
  5. PaulH
    Great Paul's think alike! :)
  6. Paul Bennett
    Paul Bennett
    Well with the power of the mighty Paul's maybe we can get a campaign going. It was asked some time back what we want from RD, I put in my suggestion as I said in prior comment.
    Yes the newbies do find the site and get some help but , we know the threads get buried within the pages. What we need is a front page section with all the basics, PC hardware/sims/mods & starter driving tips ect. It should focus on all levels of budget from skint to lotto winner !
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  7. ThatRacingGuy
    Each time i want to drive a modded track i get a error

    Error opening MAS.file

    Any idea how to fix this?
  8. ProdigyInventor
    Guys please help I'm fricken lost.. I got he game last night (purchased) and I don't know how to convert my. Rar downloaded mods from rave department.. I drag and drop them in the game data folder and it doesn't work

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