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How much faster is a 2017 F1 car vs a 2015 F1 car? - Assetto Corsa Ferrari SF70-H vs Ferrari SF15-T

Adrian Galic
Assetto Corsa Ferrari SF70-H vs Ferrari SF15-T

The 2017 Formula 1 regulations were designed to make the cars look more aggressive, and be up to 5 seconds a lap faster than the 2015 spec Formula 1 cars. I took a 2015 Ferrari SF15-T, and a current spec 2017 Ferrari SF70-H around Spa to find out how they compare against each other.

Setup: Default

Tires: Soft

Fuel: 5L

ERS settings:
-MGU-K Delivery: Top Speed
-MGU-K Recovery: 30%
-MGU-H Mode: Motor
-Engine Brake: 3/13

Ferrari DLC:
1962 250 GTO
1967 330 P4
1967 312/67
1984 GTO
2004 F2004
2017 812 Superfast
2017 SF70H

  1. Nick Hill
    Nick Hill
    Cool video! I assume the vast majority of the performance gap comes from the wider tires.
  2. Adrian Galic
    Adrian Galic
    The 2017 car takes a lot more confidence to drive properly. Braking later, getting on the power earlier, and trusting your right foot to stay flat through Pouhon are things you need to get used to.
  3. Nick Hill
    Nick Hill
    Wow, flat through Pouhon?!? I had no idea!

    Those have to be some serious G's.

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