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How Can Formula 1 Get New Teams And Manufacturers Involved? (F1 2015 Gameplay)

Darren Bentley
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Today I am going to be talking about how I believe Formula One (F1) can get more teams and manufacturers interested in joining, what rules they can change and what can be done. Now it won't be easy things within F1 need to change before we look at getting new teams to join such as looking at different ways to structure how the prize money is dealt out a link to which can be found out below.

After doing that I believe F1 needs to then look at changing the rules on how many cars there needs to be to a team currently a new team has to have two cars to a team, I think this can be changed so that a new team can for the first three years field one car, that way they can save a lot of money they otherwise would be spending and spend the first three years building the team up easier and getting partners and sponsors on board before adding a second car and all the expenses that come with that. What do you think please write them in the comments as I read every comment.

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