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Highlands Motorsport Park,NZ - W.I.P Track & AI Testing For Assetto Corsa (OnBoard)

Highlands Motorsport Park NZ, W.I.P For Assetto Corsa
Thanks to David Neighbour (Drathuu) for allowing this conversion from RF2 to AC , And Tiago Lima

Currently With AI at 100% there's a few that are still a bit unpredictable/stupid as AI tends to be in AC. it's no MP but still some good racing can be achieved. will try a few different fastlanes to see if there's any improvement from the AI. As at the start of the race the right lane AI seem to always swerve left onto the racing line just before T1 . which is a pain as it causes a bit of mayhem but Hopefully there's a solution for this

Other things still to do
-Better AI (Still trying to improve)
-Better Trees (maybe after ver 0.8 is released)
-More Cameras
-More Trackside Objects especially around pitlane which is quite bare
-More Layouts
  1. Lennart Groessl
    Lennart Groessl
    Is the Ford GT going to be released ? :)
  2. Terra21
    yes there is one out there
    Lennart Groessl likes this.

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