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Heavy beast! Bathurst Mount Panorama | Lamborghini Aventador SV[AC][G29]

Natural graphics mod is a must, the graphics looks so much better. I turn AF to application controlled from Nvidia control panel, that was the problem why my graphics looked so washed out, now the AF is at full 16x.

Please Kunos, if you see this video, just add the Ferrari F12 TDF to the game too, so we can have the most epic V12 battle :D
Heavy beast, because the Lamborghini Aventador SV is a beast but a heavy one, this thing it`s hard to stop :)) and the sound, Kunos did a great job with it.

Bathurst Mount Panorama track link:

Natural graphics mod link:
'Feeling good'
Feeling Good by LAKEY INSPIRED is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

More videos incoming including gameplays, comparisons and more!!!
Stay tuned!

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