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Head 2 Head | EP2 | Porsche 911 GT2 RS vs Huracan Performante | Assetto Corsa | VR

Andre Marcos
Welcome to the second episode of Head 2 Head. As I mentioned in the first H2H, these particular videos seem to take twice as long to make, so apologies for the gap between this and the last video.

I am forever intrigued by the lengths that manufactures go to on these special ‘celebration’ models. Even whilst making this video, the Nords time fell once again to the mighty GT2, taking the time away from Lamborghini’s last attempt with the Aventador SV Jota. So using the tools that we have, I took to the road and the track to see which of the two I enjoyed driving the most, and ultimately, which one was fastest in a new environment.

YouTube Audio Library - Anno Domini Beats

BTW : iPad decided it didn’t want to export this video either - maybe the next video will get edited down on the Mac.
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