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Head 2 Head | EP1 | Battle of the GTRs | Lydden Hill | Project CARS 2 - VR

Andre Marcos
Back in Project CARS 2 for a first attempt at creating a Head 2 Head video. Much more involved to make than what I imagined in my head! I think I could have made 2 driven videos for the time it took to make this.

The format of the head to head is essentially, 20l of Fuel, Fastest Tyre compound available, preferably R, and the best lap time that comes out of 5 laps is the one that counts. This is as much about which car its easiest to get on with in that time, to be consistent, as it is to go as fast as possible.

In the first cat and mouse session with myself and Schwud....there was 2 tenths between the laptimes from the two cars in both of the sessions....so they are quite evenly matched in an on track session. Allot easier to be consistent in the Nissan, and it has amazing traction out of slow corners. But the AMG marches away on the straights with a better overall power to weight ratio. Was great fun to run both of these cars.

For the data geeks out there, there was over 20gb of footage involved across 18 separate video files.

Motor Trend Head 2 Head Video

Motor Trend Laptimes:
Nissan R35 Nismo - 1:35:01 (Not on the R compound)
Mercedes AMG GTR - 1:33:01

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