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[HD] Automobilista - Formula V10 at Montreal HOTLAP

Taming this beast is one thing, but getting a fast lap is another.

No aids used except for auto clutch. Default setups with changed steering lock and electronical aids off. Laptime: 1:14.822
  1. Falk Massmann and Paulo Gomes like this.
  2. Falk Massmann
    Falk Massmann
    Nice video.. I like it. Is that your driving position that you use we see in that video? Looks a bit low to me.
    I can hear the TC going off in corners so I guess you have default settings enabled...
  3. Tume
    Wtf? There's definitely no TC involved, I dunno what you were listening to, but you're wrong. :p Here, this is what TC sounds like. You can hear it after the 2nd corner as he exits. /watch?v=shkFH9RTpvU

    And no, obviously not my position...who the heck uses T-cam? I merely recorded a replay of the lap in T-cam but drove it on cockpit view. I dunno how you call T-cam low compared to cockpit... :p
  4. Falk Massmann
    Falk Massmann
    Must have been a completely different video I have commented on. Appologies...good run
  5. Tume
    Ah, no worries. That can happen sometimes. I just wonder what video you really meant to comment on though :p

    And thanks!
  6. Falk Massmann
    Falk Massmann
    This is the video I actually commented on. Lol, must be getting old...
  7. Tume
    Ah, I see.

    Peeked at the video and I must say the view is pretty low - however, real-lifewise, it's actually pretty much correct, the drivers don't see much more than that from their cockpit.

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