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GTR2 | Hotlap | Ferrari 550 GTS | Imola GP 2004 [1:39.368]

Tim O'Glock
Played this game for the very first time this week after seeing it mentioned on RD and PRC. I'm not impressed. It drives similar to Race07, very arcadish. It lets you get away with some very questionable driving techniques.
  1. Montag_RSR
    Dude... The game is 11 years old.
  2. bporion
    you know this is a 2006 game right ?
  3. bporion
  4. Slyfrequency
    Still looks a great game!
    Tim O'Glock likes this.
  5. Michael Springer
    Michael Springer
    You should try out the original 2004 GTR
    Tim O'Glock likes this.

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