GTR2: Ferrari 275 GTB Vs Shelby Cobra 289 - Online Battle at Zandvoort [Power & Glory V3.1]

You can find our league here (the races are open to all!):
Gamers Crib:

Game: GTR 2
Mod: Power & Glory v3.1
Car: Ferrari 275 GTB/C
Track: Zandvoort National
Game Device: G27 and Fanatec Elite Pedals
No assist to drive, all cut
Driving with H shifter and manual clutch

Stage In Zandvoort for the P&G WSL Summer Series, organized in 3 short races, this race was 2 ..
The choice of car was restricted to a few models, everyone in the end chose Cobra and Ferrari GTB, that were the cars more performing in this track, and the most fun..
more or less they are equivalent here in Zandvoort, the Cobra has more power, but the Ferrari is more agile and a bit better under braking ..
came out a good battle for first place :)

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