GTR2: Alpine Vs Mini Cooper Vs Lotus Elite - Online Battle at Donington [Power & Glory V3.1]

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Gamers Crib:

Game: GTR 2
Mod: Power & Glory v3.1
Car: Renault Alpine A110 1100
Track: Donington Park National
Game Device: G27 and Fanatec Elite Pedals
No assist to drive, all cut
Driving with H shifter and manual clutch

First stage for the WSL Season 5, organized in 2 races of 30 minutes each, in the beautiful Donington Park (National version) .. it was possible to choose between 3 cars:
Renault Alpine A110 1100, Lotus Elite and Mini Cooper S 1275 GP2.. they are fairly balanced between them as performance, with a slight advantage for the Elite..
I won race 1 with the Elite, but for race 2 I opted for the little Alpine, the least powerful, but very balanced and agile..
Started third, in the early laps, it was a continuous exchange of positions, very funny.. then slowly the group is stretched, an Elite took off in the lead, leaving my Alpine dueling with the Mini Cooper for the second position.. came out a good battle, I was faster in the driven, but the Mini had more power and ran away in the straights, difficult conditions to overtake.. I have tried to put as much pressure I can to my opponent, hoping for a his mistake, and in the end the tactic worked :)

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