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Ken Elkinson "Serena"

Further Information:

- 2017 Q1
Project "GTP-13" a project to bring forward the happy and successful story of the most beautiful Ford P68 in todays shape as the GTP-13. The GTP-13 "racing car mod" over the course of 2017 shall be worked on and at a time as felt is correct an effort will be made to gift the works to Rudolf Fillafer, Dr.-Ing. Alex Fillafer ( and the wider community

The goal is to bring joy into the automobile fan / sim racing community with a heartfelt efforts around a continuation story of the Ford P68, to see just what the car can do (at great pace) in competition race setting with accurate physics and drive feel.

Mod is free to play with no profit intended only a highlight of this great teams work and shine a spot light to them.
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