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GT Pro World Tour by LMP Motorsports | Season Highlights | Music Video | iracing.com

Wojciech Swirydowicz
RacinGameShow [ RGS ] Presents:
This is season Highlights from GT Pro World Tour - racing league hosted by LMP Motorsports at Race2Play using iRacing simulation.
Last season we used two GT3 cars, McLaren and Ruf.

Season results:

League Website:

For next season that starts at May 31st of 2014, BMW Z4 will join the garage and drivers will be able to choose from three GT3 cars available at iRacing.

For all relevance detail about a league visit:
If You're interested joining the league, contact Charlie Parker at iracing.com.

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Music used in this video:
"Breakaway" by Take/Five
"Final Point" by Wobzor

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