GSC Extreme: Ferrari F92A - Jean Alesi Onboard at Interlagos

Game: Game Stock Car Extreme 2013
Mod: Formula 1 1992 by F1ASR
Track: Interlagos
Game Device: G27 (420deg) + Fanatec CSR Elite Pedals
No assist to drive, all cut including automatic clutch..
Driving with manual clutch and h shifter for more fun :)

The great F1 1992 by F1ASR arrives on GSCE also, perhaps in its best version, GSC is really a fantastic sim!
Enjoying the AI :) , these are a couple of rounds taken from a race against it, difficulty to 105% .. the AI behaves fairly well, much better than rFactor; but unfortunately it brings with it some defect from the ISI game, in fact, when you follow them for a long close, they slow down a lot.. a pity, but otherwise run against it is quite fun and challenging..
The Ferrari F92A sounds great!
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