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Group 5 @ Silverstone | Raceroom VR

Second race
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  2. Paul Murphy
    Paul Murphy
    Wow.. what a hard-fought battle for second. You really had that beast on the edge for so much of the time to reel that BMW in. Then mission accomplished: you may very well have pressured him into a mistake, then you somehow made one right back! And again, you stayed within shouting distance of the Monza for the rest of it too; great job regaining your composure to keep the pressure on HIM to keep the podium at least a possibility!
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  3. FeltHat
    Thanks a lot, i shouldnt wait for monza, thought he is closer than he really was but then realized i had a lot of time and could rejoin without a problem. I really messed up that ending, wanted to push lil harder but this car is a bitch with used tires :D Well, its only club race, all about fun and i had plenty

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