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Greatest Driving Roads | EP1 | LA Canyons - Ferrari 488 GTB - Assetto Corsa | VR |

Andre Marcos
So, another first episode, this time, Greatest Driving Roads. There are so many amazing drives in Assetto, I think it is possible to make a mini series that focuses on the locations just as much as we focus on the cars themselves.

This first episode take us to the LA Canyons by Phoenix77 (YT name Phoenix Racing), Ben O Bro and a host of other collaborators. It’s outstanding - the mind boggles at how this has been accomplished.

Track Download Link:

The work continues on the mod, so if you feel like helping them advance their work, send them a coffee/beer…..and as if enough hasn’t been provided, even more of this location will be sent to you to unlock.

The Smoking Tire Himself, Matt Farrah was blown away by this mod....check out this post:

"WOW just got to try the LA Canyons mod by PHOENIX for Assetto Corsa and it is PERFECT. If you play AC this is a must. Gotta circle back with him to create a tournament of some kind. But this is a shockingly accurate playable rendering of the real roads from my videos and I am blown away by it. Goodbye weekend!"


The Ferrari 488 video that started it all.
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