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Gran Turismo Sport: Audi R18 LMP1 at Autodrome Lago Maggiore West

James Nance
Demo laps
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  2. Patrik Marek
    Patrik Marek
    they have really cool replays, and their visual quality is also the best in business
  3. James Nance
    James Nance
    They sure do. Aside from my pc sim racing, I like to relax on my couch and enjoy the visual brilliance on a large tv.
  4. ionONE1
    This looks so good, already told you that the last time i saw the porsche vid. Pcar2 is miles away ... and this is console.
  5. James Nance
    James Nance
    Yeah. I did this video because a friend of mine wanted some pictures of the Audi R18,so I did some laps to compare to the iRacing version and GT Sport.

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