Game Stock Car Extreme: Porsche 911S 2.0 vs Historic Imola (Historic & Touring Cars)

Game: Game Stock Car Extreme by Reiza
Car: Porsche 911S 2.0
Track: Imola 1991
Game Device: G27 (900deg) + Fanatec CSR Elite Pedals
No assist to drive
Driving with manual clutch and h shifter

Just some laps on board of the legendary Porsche 911S 2.0, from the great Historic & Touring Cars mod. Imho one of the most beautiful sim-car ever, very funny to drive, enjoyed it a lot :)
The mod is born for rFactor, but having uninstalled it by long time, I found a conversion for GSCE and tried it (I don't post any link to download, because I'm not sure that it is a legal conversion).
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    wow! nice car control dude!
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    How the width of your TV?
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