Game Stock Car Extreme: Opala Stock Car 1986 - Race at Historic Jacarepagua

Game: Game Stock Car Extreme by Reiza (here engaged on a new project:
Car: Opala Stock Car 1986
Track: Historic Jacarepagua
Game Device: G27 (900deg) + Fanatec CSR Elite Pedals
No assist to drive
Driving with manual clutch and h shifter

New patch for Game Stock Car Extreme, with new car (the excellent Opala Stock Car 1986), and new track (Historic Jacarepagua). Reiza are a guarantee, the new Opala is pretty fun and natural to drive, not very difficult, but at the same time not even simple when you push to the limit. it is perfect for close online races I think :)

This patch was also an excuse to try out my new action camera, the Garmin Virb.
it ensures a better quality to the video, but I have to find a better settings for it and lighting more suitable for the TV, that as you can see in the video it's as if he had a filter applied tending to blue, I'm not very satisfied
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  2. Hamed
    nice and clean driving
    can you please put your wheel setup in game and in logitech profile
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  3. baronesbc
    Thank you!
    For the ffb, i put my setting on a comment in the video on youtube, cause it's a bit long.
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