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Game Stock Car 2013 - Stock Cars - Montreal - FULL RACE

I did my first full race with the Stock Cars of Brazil. Driving the Red Bull team in a 20 lap race with tire wear x3 and fuel usage normal.

After struggling to get the leader, where this video ends due to insufficient space on my hard-disk where recording stopped, i continued pursuing him before he entered the pit.
I did not entered and chose to continue with no Pit stop and preserving both the fuel and the tires and i did it, winning the race.

There is no AIDS turned on at all.
AI are set on 100% with aggression too on 100%
  1. Nox
    Your wheel is very wobbly; are you using a wheel or a controller (or a keyboard)? Looks like a fun race regardless.
  2. Dux
    I am using a Logitech Formula Force FX, why would this look alike a keyboard or controller :S i have fine reflexes :p

    But also i had 20 steering degrees on the setup
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