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Full Contact Racing - iRacing DIRTcar Street Stock Series - USA International Speedway Dirt - VR

Sharpy Bonfire
DIRTcar Street Stock Series - Dirt StreetStock
2018 Season 1 - Week 9/12 - USA International Speedway Dirt
iRacing - Windows Mixed Reality VR

Dirt racing with rookies - as any other rookie series - is bound to be somewhat contact heavy now and then. But there is 0x contacts and then there is intentionally trying to crash someone from track.

I know my leanings were mostly on innocent side, even thought one of them might have been over the limit. Still they were not done in intention to crash someone out from race or to the walls...

If you want to race hard in rookie series like dirt - it might be somewhat annoying, but it is still ok in my books. If you have temper issues and end up trying to wreck people, you do not belong to iRacing - you are better off playing against AI in some other game.

It takes no bright crystal ball to guess which one from this race I did fill a protest against - successful one I might add...


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