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Ford GT LM / Laguna Seca / Assetto Corsa / Cockpit + Replay

I've been waiting for this car for so long, you can't even imagine...






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  2. Tbear
    Same here Bro, same here. Seriously, I'm a little afraid to download it for fear that it's not going to be as good as I hoped and dreamed. I'll probably just wait another week or two and let the market get all the kinks out. I'll just watch the vid you posted for a while.
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  3. Tbear
    Man, that sure is one pretty car.
  4. SunBro
    @Ted Duncan Jr Dude, believe me, as of this writing, it's very much in a purchasable state. There are only two objective kinks left to iron. 1: Position indicators but i don't think urd will make them like they did on rf2... 2: Fuel consumption. It currently consumes a little too much fuel. Other than these 2 "problems" there are no issues whatsoever. There WERE some issues but they are all fixed perfectly. And the car fits RIGHT into the porsche rsr and corvette c7r physics wise.
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