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Flashback :: Race 07 ::Formula Raceroom Add On (Free) :: Rain

Steve Bird
I used to love Race 07 but never got round to having a blast of the free add-on from Simbin called Formula Raceroom. This was one of the forerunners to Simbin's (Now Sector 3) Race Room Experience. Although I love RRE I was pretty blown away with the quality of this add on for race 07 and I liked the idea that you could add rain into the race set up......something you can't do in RRE.

The Hockenheim track was also part of the free bee. If you fancy a go then you can pick up Race 07 for £2.49 which is a bargain in my opinion. There's also plenty of mods for you to enjoy without picking up a bill for each and every car you buy (Like in RRE).

If you want to get hold of the skin pack I used in the video then you should be able to download it from my google drive using the link below.


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