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In this video, I'd like to introduce the basic features (Single Player) of "FIM Speedway Grand Prix 15" (PC, Steam). Very well-developed nice racing game that includes every necessary features in a single package IMHO. (P.S.) I'm sorry for not good riding in some races. I've played this game about 10 hours so far, and I need more practice. :) *** Quick Index - Basic Features *** 3:48 Intro Video - About Game Basics 0:08 All Tracks (most of the tracks are locked at the start of the game) 3:14 All Riders (15 Official Riders from 2015 Season) 5:28 All Upgrades - Engine, Clutch, Tires, Frame, Engine Oil 0:53 Options - Game & Audio, Video, Controls 0:45 Driving Mode - "Arcade" or "Simulation" 8:51 Pre-Race Upgrades Menu 9:02 Setup Menu 14:19 Change Tires (press "X" button) 19:53 Spectator Mode 24:46 Replay Mode 18:55 Track Cutting Penalty & Spectator Mode (press "A" to continue and switch the riders.) 21:20 "Select Gate" Menu 9:31 Gameplay - Chase View 11:59 Gameplay - First Person (Rider's Eye) View 27:55 Season Results Menu (For further information, please read the description on YouTube page.)