Ferrari SF-15 Hybrid systems guide (1)

It can be very intimidating knowing you have to handle all this stuff to make full use of the performance of this Formula 1 car, but it´s not that bad once you spend some time with it.

And to save you all that time and frustration, I´ll upload 3 videos about this. This first one will explain the cold hard theory behind all the buttons and controls, and in the next two we´ll see how this translates in different situations of a racing weekend.

Make the effort to survive this snooze-fest, because you´ll have a much easier time following what is happening in the next videos!
  1. Terry Rock
    Terry Rock
    Nice video....makes it much more clear to understand. These cars require quite a bit of work to drive fast.
  2. Dyrgl
    As if driving it fast wasn´t enough work haha! I´m posting a follow up today in case you want to have a look

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