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F1 Spa Francorchamps Ferrari Raikonen 25% Race drama at the last lap (2016)

Konstantinos Galanos
I decided to try starting with standard tyres rather then going head start with option ones as the default strategy suggested. This would hinder me in the starting half of the race but theoretically I would have an advantage for the last laps. As long as I could stick around to the top 3 in the early laps.

Well, watch the video to see what happened after all. And let me know what you think of it, any requests you might have, I'll try to make them happen ;-)

Codemasters F1 2015
HW Specifications
Core i7 4770k
Nvidia GTX 970
Original Resolution: 2560x1440
Graphics: MAX
Windows 10
Quick Race
Expert AI
Dynamic Weather (Standard to Option Tyres)
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