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F1 2018 Career Mode PC | Making Williams Great Again | Australia

F1 2018 Career Mode PC - Making Williams Great Again
Kinduci Live on F1 2018 PC 17.08.18
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  1. dcully
    I often watch your iracing stream so i dont understand why as a simracer your running with the boat view instead of cockpit view :)
    Kinduci likes this.
  2. Kinduci
    Ye its weird i've just always played F1 games on that camera view. Also with the lack of virtual cam and poor mirror visibility i think this cam helps slightly when it comes to close racing. Otherwise you just relying on the arrow markers.
  3. dcully
    Yeah i understand now, fingers crossed they get a virtual mirror.I havent bought it myself yet but it looks good and a bit more on the sim side than previous games in the series.


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