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F1 2018 Career Mode Part 2 | Absolutely Everything Goes Wrong | Bahrain

Scott van Breda
After a disastrous Qualifying, simply not being able to extract the pace from the car, I managed to put on a charge up the field in the first 5 laps. Unfortunately, after a mid session game crash I lost the brilliant footage of the race start and various interviews and cut scenes at the end were also glitched out. This is possibly the most disappointing video I have ever made but due to F1 2018, I can not restart the weekend. Hopefully better things to come in the future.

Game: F1 2018
Car: Sauber C37 (F1 2018)
Track: Bahrain International Circuit
Driver: Scott van Breda

►Thrustmaster T300RS
►G27 Pedals
►Open Wheeler Stand and Racing Seat

►Intel 5930K CPU
►H100iGTX CPU Cooler
►ASUS X99 DELUXE Motherboard
►Coarsair Vengance LPX 3000MHz DDR4 16GB
►Intel 400GB PCIE SSD
►Coarsair 760T Case
►Coarsair AX1200i

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