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F1 2017 - Formula One Russian Grand Prix (Back On Form?)

Joseph Wright
Follow us this season as we are diving deep into F1 2017 The Game by Codemasters.

Today we are taking you to the 2017 Formula One Russian Grand Prix.

We hope you enjoy, follow, comment on our series. See you on track!

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  1. Tim Ling likes this.
  2. Dexter
    what AI level use ?
    and why development failed ?
    I am me too in Rusia carrer 100 % with AI level master and give 3 development failed...
    in first 3 race ... no points, 2 sec to vandorne in quali and race is disaster
    is chance in future mclaren honda give me a update or change team and restart carrier ...
  3. [DNA] Rico Nosberg
    [DNA] Rico Nosberg
    As xmattyg would say back to F1 2010.

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