F1 2017 - Formula One Canadian Grand Prix (3 wide into turn 1!)

Joseph Wright
Follow us this season as we are diving deep into F1 2017 The Game by Codemasters.

Today we are taking you to the 2017 Formula One Canadian Grand Prix.

We hope you enjoy, follow, comment on our series. See you on track!

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  1. Monstro
    my dear god, why the tyres are so big ???
    i know tyres are much more bigger than previous year but they clearly missed the mark by a mile.

    Look at a video on youtube from the new 2017 F1 with same view/angle, and there is lot.
    and you will sse at wich point Codemasters have failed to recreate real perspective.
    what a shame

    the opponent seems to have the goods dimensions at least.

    it is supposed to look like that :
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  2. Gopher04
    This Quali bug is a pain in the butt, but what I have found is the same as previous editions, make sure your on track while the clock runs down, so I've gone out twice now to do lets call it a cool down lap so I have to cross the line for the session to finish, and the game hasn't punished my quali position, give it a try to see if it's just luck on my behalf. I think it seems to effect shorter careers and races, also don't use accelerated time that seems to effect the results as well.

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