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Sorry for the delay and the long break, but i had a internet problem and due to that my motivation to do some setups where completly gone! But now i'm back and this is my Brasil Setup. Lost a bit in the Senna S and break to early after the quick double right hander up the hill but we talk about a tenths here, so almost perfect! As you may noticed this is almost the same setup which i used before in Malaysia and Germany and i think i hit my personal sweetspot setupwise in F1 2016! The setup also works well with my McLaren in Pro Career and i scored a good Podium in Russia with these settings. Only the wings was lower due to the lag of power ;) Enough text now :D Give it a try and let me know what you think ;) Like and subscribe for more F1 2016 Setups ________________________________________________ Setup in the F1 2016 Steamworkshop Link Follows soon ________________________________________________ Follow my Steamworkshop for the newest Setups ________________________________________________ Follow me on Twitter