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F1 2015 TV Style Series Spain Round 5 2014 Cars

Darren Bentley
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Welcome to a new series on my channel, its an F1 series with more of a TV feel to it, this is because it is a series where the entire video is made up of using the vastly improved Replay features in F1 2015, in this I will be doing a season using both the 2015 and 2014 cars and commentating over them as if you are watching it on TV, I hope you enjoy.

Hello and welcome to round 5 of the Formula One World Championship and today we are at Barcelona for the Spanish GP, after yet another victory last time out Lewis Hamilton is firmly placing both hands on the drivers championship however we are now at European season and this is where the teams bring most their development upgrades meaning that this could be where we see the likes of Williams, Red Bull, Mclaren and Ferrari begin to close the gap to the mighty Mercedes

Tyres should not play a major roll in this race and it should be a nice and simple two stop strategy on the medium and on the hard compound tyres, however the heat is rising so we never know, some teams may actually be forced onto a 3 stop race today, we will have to wait and find out

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