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F1 2015 TV Style Races Monaco 2014 Cars

Darren Bentley
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Welcome to a new series on my channel, its an F1 series with more of a TV feel to it, this is because it is a series where the entire video is made up of using the vastly improved Replay features in F1 2015, in this I will be doing a season using both the 2015 and 2014 cars and commentating over them as if you are watching it on TV, I hope you enjoy.
Hello and welcome to round 6 of the Formula One World Championship and today we are at Monte Carlo for the Monaco Grand Prix, after a shock surprise at the end of the Spanish GP which saw for the first time in the hybrid era a winner by a driver who wasn’t in a Mercedes powered car, we arrive at the most glamourous race of the year with one question, is Sebastian Vettel back in the championship fight?

Tyres should not play a role at all here in Monte Carlo and it should be a straight forward one stop race, with the first stop being seen at around the mid-point in the race.

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