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F1 2015 Singapore Championship Season Romain Grosjean

Darren Bentley
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Today I am going to be taking on the night race, yes I am at the Marina Bay for the Singapore grand prix, and the weather is horrible, rain, rain and guess what, YES more rain, the rain is very heavy and this looks like it will be a full race done on the wet tyres for the first time, how will I get on at the most difficult track on the calendar in the toughest conditions of the year?

For championship season I will be doing 50% of every race against Expert AI with a possible switch to Legend AI if it starts to get too easy, No assists will be used and no flashbacks, meaning if I or the AI makes a silly mistake then that is that and I have to deal with it and get on with my race as if nothing happened, as I am driving a Lotus car, the chances of victory are small as the car isn't very competitive compared to the likes of Mercedes, Ferrari & Williams, however this means that the on track battles will be more entertaining and fun for you to watch which is all about.



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