F1 2015 Grosjean Championship Season Japan and Russia

Darren Bentley
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I am finally back and today I will be bringing a double race, yes one race at Suzuka and one at Sochi so I will be doing the Russian and Japanese Grand Prix, I will also be bringing an important channel update as well so look out for that as well and as always comment leave a like and subscribe if you haven’t already

For championship season I will be doing 50% of every race against Expert AI with a possible switch to Legend AI if it starts to get too easy, No assists will be used and no flashbacks, meaning if I or the AI makes a silly mistake then that is that and I have to deal with it and get on with my race as if nothing happened, as I am driving a Lotus car, the chances of victory are small as the car isn't very competitive compared to the likes of Mercedes, Ferrari & Williams, however this means that the on track battles will be more entertaining and fun for you to watch which is all about.



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