F1 2015 Gameplay Singapore 100% Race Sebastian Vettel

Darren Bentley
As always please leave a like on this Video and subscribe for more F1 2015 gameplay action, such as Career mode, 2014 Mode and much, much more. This race is against the legend AI, I am using No Assists for the race and Cockpit camera, On the PC with Max graphics settings (Ultra)

Today I am racing around the streets of Singapore on the Marina Bay circuit, 100% No Assists against the legend AI and this is the first time I am racing against the AI in a 100% race, 1st time racing Singapore on F1 2015 and with no assists, let the carnage begin, I am going to be driving in the Ferrari as Sebastian Vettel, the newest member to the Ferrari family, how can he cope in his first Singapore Grand Prix as a Ferrari driver, will he rise or will he fall, lets find out now.

Singapore is one of the toughest and most challenging circuits on the calendar and some say its more challenging than the Monaco grand prix circuit, you are constantly at work around this circuit and there is very little room for error, the twists and turns make this a very challenging circuit, how will I cope and will I be able to finish this race against the newly invigorated and much more aggressive AI.

I'm playing on PC on Steam if you want to add me on steam my account name is bezza695.

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