F1 2015 Australia Romain Grosjean Championship Season Nightmare Down Under

Darren Bentley
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Today I am starting my championship season as Romain Grosjean for Team Lotus, Lotus this year are powered by Mercedes after a terrible year being powered by Renualt, will this engine change help boost my performance and help me go on to win the F1 world Championship, lets find out.

For championship season I will be doing 50% of every race against Expert AI with a possible switch to Legend AI if it starts to get too easy, No assists will be used and no flashbacks, meaning if I or the AI makes a silly mistake then that is that and I have to deal with it and get on with my race as if nothing happened, as I am driving a Lotus car, the chances of victory are small as the car isn't very competitive compared to the likes of Mercedes, Ferrari & Williams, however this means that the on track battles will be more entertaining and fun for you to watch which is all about.

Welcome To Round One here at Albert Park in Melbourne Australia, its my first race as a Lotus driver and I will be hoping for a good points finish on my debut, however the threat of rain looks like it is here to come and spoil my party, how will I get on, will I be able to fight through the rain and score a good amount of points and maybe even a podium? Lets find out now as its lights out down under and the season is underway.



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