F1 2015 | 100% hungary | Fusion League | BEST FINISH FOR SEASONS!!

Fusion League resumes on F1 2015 after the week break and this week so us compete in the Hungarian Gran Prix.

This was the closed end to a race for season and with most cars on different strategies, who came out on top.
  1. Steve Bird
    Steve Bird
    Racing line on when league racing?
  2. SteviePuk
    corner line. i know i plan to leave it off in the new game but the standard is so high that i am not going to practice without it mid season.
  3. Steve Bird
    Steve Bird
    Ah right... I wasn't meaning to be condescending just curious as to why you were using a virtual race line when you looked good on track.
  4. SteviePuk
    no it was a valid question Steve. its just old habits die hard. every other assist is banned but we allow corner line.

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