F1 2013 - Season 1 - Silverstone - England

F1 2013 Career Season 1 with Lotus - 100% race - No assists - All sims on - Expert AI (well, a little over Expert) - No Flashbacks
Played with Thrustmaster RGT FFB Pro Clutch wheel & TrackIR 5 Pro...
and a lot of excellent mods from RaceDepartment.com...
especially the True to Life AI mod by snthenumbers

For no change, let’s do an AAR of the previous race, Montréal. The 10-place grid penalty was a real blow, and I’m beginning to wonder whether Ferrari aren’t after me, since I’m so close to Alonso in WDC… But enough of the conspiracy theory, I still managed a decent 5th, despite pouring rain in Quali 3, and a shower during the race that stopped me from taking advantage of a low tyre wear.

Unfortunately, that meant I went down from 1st to 3rd in WDC, but I mean to be back up there with a vengeance… At least, we still remain 2nd in WCC.

Anyway, now is the time to race at Silverstone!

What to say of the circuit except it’s a classic… I used to hurt round it, but I’ve come to appreciate all the unique tricks almost every turn provides. Basically, I’m not scared of Silverstone no more! Practice 3 proved me right, as I finished 1st with a promising 1:32.9, 6 tens ahead of Hamilton.

Qualis 1 & 2 went smoothly too. I’ve ended up the latter 8th with a 1:33.0, and haven’t been too worried about getting into Quali 3. The latter promises to be dry again, which should turn to my advantage. But 48% rain is forecast for race day, which should make it an entirely different matter…

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