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F1 2013 - Season 1 - Nürburgring - Germany

F1 2013 Career Season 1 with Lotus - 100% race - No assists - All sims on - Expert AI (well, a little over Expert) - No Flashbacks
Played with Thrustmaster RGT FFB Pro Clutch wheel & TrackIR 5 Pro...
and a lot of excellent mods from RaceDepartment.com...
especially the True to Life AI mod by snthenumbers

As ever, an AAR from last race, Silverstone: Finishing 2nd came as good news since I was nowhere near the winner. Losing a gear in the last laps was quite a surprise though, as it has never happened to me before. Fortunately, I was able to cope, even though I hadn’t identified the problem for a whole lap, busy as I was fending off Alonso!

All in all it was a good weekend as I made my way up in WDC to 2nd position, while Lotus gets comforted into 2nd in WCC!

But now, let’s go round the Nürburgring!

That place is a little special to me since I made my first video ever 2 years ago on this track. I finished 4th back then, so would like to celebrate this anniversary with a podium place! It’s a great drive too, with technical subtleties throughout all 3 sectors, so you can rarely take your breath.

Practice 3 ended up very promising as I finished 2nd pos with a 1:32.4, a mere tenth behind Räikkönen. So it looks like Lotus may come out strong this weekend!

Quali started badly with rain, but it abated towards the end so I could use Primes and secure 5th pos. It didn’t go so well for Maldonado, who must have crashed, and got a 10-place grid pen to add insult to injury… Quali 2 went very well too, as I pulled an optimal 1:31.2 lap, getting me 4th, only 2 tenths from Vettel. Problem is, I feel I can’t drive any faster than that for Quali 3…

Also, there’s a promise of rain on race day, so I feel a bit nervous, as rain has never been my forte…

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