F1 2013 - Season 1 - Hungaroring - Hungary

F1 2013 Career Season 1 with Lotus - 100% race - No assists - All sims on - Expert AI (well, a little over Expert) - No Flashbacks
Played with Thrustmaster RGT FFB Pro Clutch wheel & TrackIR 5 Pro...
and a lot of excellent mods from RaceDepartment.com...
especially the True to Life AI mod by snthenumbers

As usual, an AAR of Nürburgring: Despite a good Quali result, finding out we were starting the race in rain didn’t make me too optimistic. Still, I could own my own on Inters, and then had to improvise on my pit stop strat: I wanted to end the race on Options, and soon realized I was on a totally offset strat with the rest of the field! During the 1st half of the race it seemed to pay up, thanks to Rosberg’s DNF in no small measure, and I started to think I could actually win. Eventually Kimi’s pace proved to be too fast for me. All the same, my last stint truly felt like the Ride of the Valkyries, and it ended up in a very satisfying Lotus 1-2!
In the end, Kimi’s performance has pushed him up a place to 6th in WDC, while I still comfortably sit in 1st. However, with Rosberg’s DNF and Hamilton being lapped, Lotus has jumped to 1st in WCC. Champagne time!

But now, let’s run on the Hungaroring!

The track in my experience is horrid for tyre wear, so I’ve been happy to set up the car in a way that should meet a decent pit stop strat. At the same time I’ve worked on the 2nd sector, and am beginning to feel confident there.

With a 1:23.1 and 6th on Primes during Practice, no rain scheduled, I feel I could do something good here.

Quali 1 confirmed that impression with a comfortable 10th place on Primes. But the mood started changing in Quali 2, where on Options I couldn’t do any better than 8th, 1 sec down from Hamilton! Still, I feel I have a pretty decent pace, so see no reason why I couldn’t qualify any higher than that in Quali 3… And we know how starting grid pos is crucial on this track!

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